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What is business consulting?

Business consulting is providing consulting services in various areas of business. Company management nor ever can answer all questions in the company's activities. Professional services help business improve efficiency, expand business, bring the company to a new level, cope with stagnation or crisis take a look at the business differently, etc.

What is business training?

Business training is one of the types of education aimed at the formation of the business skills of the employee and/or group of employees.

The following are the most common types of business training:

sales training,

telephone sales training,

management training,

team building training,

communication training

training presentations

training for effective decisions, etc.

What is coaching and what are the types of coaching?

Coaching is a psychological approach that allows in short term to open human potential (Organization) and to increase personal and professional effectiveness.

There are three varieties of coaching:

• personal coaching

• team coaching

• coaching, as style of management in the Organization

What is controlling?

Controlling is the analysis and cost management, cost control and optimization.

Controlling-modern, efficient and necessary (especially in times of crisis) business management tool.

The purpose of controlling-timely informational support of management in the process of planning, organizing, managing and controlling the use of resources.

What is the store-check?

Store-check is a kind of marketing research, which is in the range of prices, registration of  facings and promotional activity for each commodity producers in retail outlets.

Store-check is often used as a kind of external audit of the quality of the sales channels' work. In fact, store-check is a system of measures aimed at checking the effectiveness of the work of the sales places.

What is a business plan?

A business plan is a written document that describes your business, its goals and strategies, the market that you are targeting, and financial forecast for your business. It will help you set realistic and timely goals to secure the attraction of credit resources, measure your success, clarify operational requirements and install reasonable financial forecasts.

Why market researches are needed?

Marketing researches help to determine possible directions for development of business. They must be undertaken by taking decisions on:

entering new markets,

the introduction of a new product,


determining the prices for the products or services of your company

channels and methods of product promotion,

the formation of a sales policy and customer incentive methods